Gasturbine tooling

For gasturbine tooling, your reliable partner is MFS bv! We have all the tools for gasturbines available and help you with excellent services.

A wide range of tools

For years, MFS bv is experienced in gasturbine tooling. We offer our on shore and off shore clients a wide range of tools and spare parts for gasturbines, including:

  • Sensors
  • Probes
  • On- and off-engine cables
  • Lube and scavenge pumps
  • Starters
  • Valves
  • Actuators
  • LM consumables (filters, seals, gaskets etc.)
  • LM tooling and maintenance toolboxes

We are, of course, happy to advize you on which tools you need for your particular type of turbine. Our gasturbine tooling services, additionally, include consulting, commissioning, periodic inspections, maintenance, corrective alignment actions, control system troubleshooting and repairs, and much more. We always aim at minimizing the downtime of your turbine!  

Contact us
If you have any questions about gasturbine tooling, please address them to MFS bv. You can reach us in various ways:

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