Monitoring & Diagnostics

To prevent or assess degradation of your gas turbine unit, regular inspections, monitoring and diagnostics are imperative.

In order to keep reliability at the highest level, MFS apply various diagnostic tools that are able to predict and detect incipient faults. As an example, over a period of time there could be a slow, but steady increase of any parameter (such as pressures or temperatures). As long as the value of the parameter stays below the alarm setting, the slow increase will most likely not be noticed by the operational personnel. With the monitoring and diagnostics systems that we provide these slow/minor changes will be detected, analyzed and the operational personnel will be notified. This enables you to investigate the changes and take action when and where needed.

There are times however that this is not enough to detect mechanical wear or changes to your gas turbine. This is where regular inspections are carried out either annually, or as hours or condition dictates. MFS believe it is critical to maintain continuity of these inspections with experts that are not only familiar with the unit, but also key site personnel and key stakeholders. This allows for a more open and precise assessment of the unit and plant condition.

The prospect of gas turbine failure thorough a lack of proper care or a reliable ongoing maintenance program, could be catastrophic for any business. The combination of our monitoring and maintenance program will bring a level of assurance that your valuable assets are being monitored and reported on to a world class level, and enable us to work together on tailoring maintenance programs for your operation.