Borescope Inspection

The MFS borescope inspection (BI) is performed to determine the condition of the internal parts of your gas turbine, without the need to disassemble your gas turbine.

By performing a borescope inspection it is possible to identify the current status and plan your maintenance or repair accordingly. By performing a (planned or unplanned) borescope inspection you increase the availability and reduce down time and repair costs. Not performing any borescope inspection could result in failures and dangerous situations. Depending on the gas turbine model a scheduled borescope inspection is performed every 4.000 – 8.000 hours or annually (whichever occurs first) to avoid harm.

How does it work

A borescope is an optical camera which can be inserted into an item without the need to have it disassembled. With a flexible tube, which contains a camera at the end, our skilled engineers can navigate through tight spaces throughout your gas turbine. On the high quality photo’s you can see even the smallest imperfection. In our BI report, we describe the status of every part of your gas turbine, completed with photos. We provide you with evidence, which you can use as a base to make your decisions.

With this type of inspection we can identify potentially upcoming problems, before they may result in damage, or worse; a complete shutdown of your powerplant.

Repair/engine exchange

Our field engineers can repair or replace damaged parts on location. In case of extensive damage, or a long repair time, we can perform an engine exchange and repair your gas turbine in our workshop with all needed equipment for handling all types of Aeroderivative and Heavy Duty gas turbines.

From our large stock of high quality spare parts, we can offer you brand new parts or repaired parts which are well documented, inspected and tested.

Service Agreements (LTSA, MYA, FWA)

You also have the option of a Service Agreement, providing you with our full support on guaranteed availability, advice, regular inspections, maintenance and repairs on gas turbines and the balance of plant. Within the agreement, we make sure your gas turbines will be continuously serviced and maintained in order to optimize your cost of ownership. The borescope inspection is integrated in the agreement.

BI advantage

  • No need to disassemble your gas turbine
  • Thorough Inspection
  • High-quality photographs and report
  • Short downtime
  • Identify potentially upcoming problems before they may result in damage