References – projects

MFS, founded in the Netherlands in 2001 is specialized in gas turbine maintenance, services, parts, site management, consultancy and training.

MFS has 20+ years’ experience as a worldwide, independently operating organization in the gas turbine market. Including oil & gas installations, power generation plants and commercial marine propulsion.

With our below mentioned specialisms, we have successfully realized many projects.

Use the MFS project finder to find our reference field service projects regarding Aeroderivative and Heavy Duty gas turbines.  

Project finder

    • Gas turbine and auxiliary maintenance & inspections
    • Borescope inspections
    • Combustion inspection
    • Hot gas path inspection/Hot section and combustor exchange
    • Gas turbine major overhaul
    • Alignment and corrective actions
    • Commissioning
    • Field and shop balancing
    • Instrumentation calibration
    • Troubleshooting 24/7
    • Emergency call-out
    • Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • Mapping and Tuning
    • Consulting
    • Control system services and retrofits
    • Stock management
    • Site project management
    • Site relocations
    • Tooling rental services