EPC Contractor

MFS can deliver the full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solution for your power plant.


In the engineering phase, we design the final product based on the technical requirements and specifications which are required for the installation. We take into account legal norms and requirements, industry standards and past best practices. Our engineers incorporate all this into the design and make all needed calculations to check whether the design meets the needed (technical and commercial) requirements.


During the engineering phase, the correct assets are calculated. During the procurement phase these assets are being ordered with optimized delivery times. Meaning the actual procurement can start immediately after the engineering is approved. The parts list is compiled and delivered in cooperation with our reliable manufacturers/partners.


The installation and commissioning of new or relocated gas turbine sites is one of our specialties . During this phase the civil works will be performed and the delivery of all materials and units are taking place. With MFS being constantly on-site, we ensure to have a smooth construction, installation and commissioning phase.